Everything Your Body Needs

Biotrition is a carefully chosen ratio of a selection of nutrient dense whole foods. Each meal contains everything necessary for your body to operate efficiently, recover fully and to simply feel great! It has been formulated to give you the peace of mind knowing no nutrient is left out, whilst also offering a smooth flavoursome shake to have on the go.


Biotrition separates itself from others by not relying on artificial and processed ingredients to fill the product out. Instead we use what your body is designed to operate well on and digest properly, real food! This allows for stable blood sugar levels with no energy crash.

Nothing Beats Real Food

In an industry so competitive it is often daunting when on the lookout for a protein product or meal replacement. At Biotrition we pride ourselves on our transparency. Nutrient dense whole foods milled into a fine easily mixed powder for a complete meal with fantastic value.


Biotrition meals can be made in seconds. An effortless way of staying on track with your diet, reducing the likelihood of the desire to cheat knowing you are moments away from enjoying a nutrient rich meal.


With a long shelf life, Biotrition is great for bringing to work, a post workout meal or to simply have tucked away in a cupboard for a rainy day when you don’t feel like cooking.

Smarter Eating

Don't overcomplicate your nutrition.

Biotrition takes the guess work out for you. Offering nutritionally complete meals with convenience and uncompromised quality.

Budget Friendly

Tired of the expensive supermarket food labels?

From just 97p per meal, by simply incorporating a single Biotrition shake into your daily regiment, you will soon notice considerable savings on your food bill.

Complete Nutrition

Optimal ratio of macronutrients for maximum performance, recovery, and progress.

Each meal offers 50% of the RDA of 14 vitamins and minerals, including Zinc, Iron and Vitamin B12.

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