Biotrition - 2kg/20 Meals


  • Product Description

      Biotrition is a real food based powder. A carefully chosen formula of whole foods including Oats, Organic Flax Seeds, Sunflower seeds and Isolate Protein to create an ideal ratio of Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat to help support a healthy balanced diet. All these great ingredients are milled into a very fine powder which can be easily mixed in seconds to create awesome tasting shakes - or perhaps used in home baking in things such as pancakes and other protein treats!

      Meal replacements and protein powders are notorious for being expensive, filled with rubbish, tasting artificial and not keeping you full. Thanks to the complex carbohydrates and quality protein, Biotrition will keep you feeling full for a longer time.  The meals offers a natural enjoyable taste which is sure to satisfy cravings compared to the overly sweetened artificial shakes. 



      • Nutritionally complete
      • Supports a balanced diet
      • Mixes well, no lumps!
      • Superior ingredient quality
      • Made in England
      • High protein



      Isolate Whey Protein
      Milled Oats
      Flax Seeds
      Sunflower Seeds
      Vitamin & Mineral Blend


      As Biotrition is composed of whole foods, there can be minor variations in both flavour and taste. Get in touch if you have any questions!

      (Non vegan)
  • FAQ

    • What is in Biotrition?

      Actual food. Biotrition is a blend of a variety of wholesome nutrient dense foods including brown rice, flax seeds and oats. As well as this, Biotrition contains an added micronutrient blend containing 50% the RDA of many vitamins and minerals per serving. It comes packaged in 2kg resealable pouches in a fine powder with a serving scoop.

      What makes Biotrition different?

      With hundreds of different choices for both meal replacements and protein powders, you may find yourself asking the question of what exactly separates each of them, and typically the answer is not much.

      Biotrition is whole food based. Meaning it is made up of actual real food, compared to the processed ingredients used to fill out the typical meal replacement. This allows for easier digestion, without the artificial taste as well as increased natural vitamins and minerals. 

      Is Biotrition Vegan?

      We sell both a Vegan and Non vegan blend of Biotrition. The difference between them is the Vegan blend uses plant based protein whereas the non Vegan blend uses an isolate whey protein. The other ingredients remain consistent throughout the range.

      Will Biotrition help me lose weight?

      Put simply, yes.

      Weight loss comes down to calorie intake versus calorie expenditure. Biotrition is a useful tool to incorporate into your daily nutrition as it provides a tasty nutritionally complete meal that will keep you full, reducing the likelihood of binge eating - whilst providing yourself with everything necessary to operate efficently.

      Who is Biotrition for?

      Biotrition is a convenient, great tasting meal which provides your body with everything it needs to operate efficiently and recover fully. 

      With this in mind, everybody has something to gain from simply having Biotrition at their disposal.

      Whether you are a busy 9-5 office worker looking for a cost effective healthy meal to bring to work, or an athlete looking for a nutrient dense meal to support their training goals - Biotrition is here to help.

      How long will a pack last me?

      Each 2kg package of Biotrition will contain 20 full meals. Each being 100 grams and contain 390 calories (384 for Vegan Biotrition).

      Incorporating 1 full serving daily into your regiment will have each package last 20 days.

      Will it keep me full?

      Biotritions main ingredients consist of different types of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Taking longer to digest and absorb, Biotrition will keep you feeling fuller for longer giving your body the neccessary energy and fuel it needs to operate efficently.

      How do I use Biotrition?

      As Biotrition is sold in a fine easily mixed powder, you get a lot of different options and flexibility with what you can do with it. It will most commonly be shaken or blended for a quick on the go meal - but also works well as a substitute for flour in baked goods. 

      Be sure to check out the 'How To Use' page on our site. 

      Do you ship to the US?

      Unfortunately not yet. Currently we only deliver to the UK. However, shipping to other countries can be arranged - simply message us with what it is you are after and we will send you a bespoke quote.