How To Use


• Add 400ml water to your Biotrition bottle

• Add 100g (2.5 scoops) of Biotrition powder to the bottle

• Shake thoroughly for 10-15 seconds

• Add a 100ml top up of water and reshake (optional).

We recommend a 1:5 ratio of Biotrition powder to water. With each serving being 100g, having 500ml of water to mix it with will ensure a smooth texture. For a thicker texture simply reduce the amount of water, however if you are wanting a more liquid consistency a 1:6 ratio will enable this.
Biotrition is sold in 2kg pouches and comes with a serving scoop for accurate measuring. Each full scoop of Biotrition will come to 40g. For the full 100g serving 2.5 scoops will be required. 

• 1 scoop - 154 calories

• 2 scoops - 308 calories

• 2.5 scoops - 387 calories (1 serving)

• 3 scoops - 462 calories

• 4 scoops - 616 calories



For the smoothest texture and consistency of Biotrition possible, we recommend you blend your powder in an blender. This also gives you the opportunity to experiment with adding different ingredients such as fruits, juices and vegetables to your shakes to make them more interesting over time.


Biotrition also works great as either an additional ingredient, or a replacement for oats or flour for different recipes including home made baked treats such as pancakes or protein bars. Biotrition works as a healthier more nutrient dense replacement for flour due to the similar texture and consistency. 


Due to the ingredients of Biotrition being dehydrated milled seeds, oats and isolate proteins it allows for a longer life span. Each order of Biotrition will have a shelf life lasting 6 months from order date. All units of Biotrition are manufactured within 14 days of dispatch.